Friday & Saturday 28th -29th September & 3rd October Book Launch, Signing & Tour with the author Fred Luckett

Saturday 28 July 2018

Friday & Saturday 28th -29th September Book Launch, Signing & Tour with the author.

Fred Luckett Coventry’s well-known local pub historian will be touring a number of venues over this weekend to promote and sign copies of this eagerly awaited book on Coventry pubs. For details of timings and locations see below. So come along and have a chat with Fred a fount of all knowledge on this subject and at the same time enjoy a beer or two at one or more of the locations around Coventry.

New Date added Coventry Archives & Research Centre, Herbert art Gallery & Museum Jordan Wells 3rd October at 10.30am

Details Byatt's brewery

Details The Old Windmill

Whatpub details:The Broomfield

Details Beer Gonzo Tap Room & Lambic Bar