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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Real Ale Rambles

REAL ALE RAMBLE 308 Saturday April 16

RIVER ITCHEN 3 miles & 1 (or more) pubs

Continuing our exploration of Warwickshire rivers we come to the River Itchen. This is a tributary of the Leam and is just 18 miles long. It seems obvious to do it from Long Itchington as the village takes its name from the river and is also well supplied with pubs.

We meet at the HARVESTER at 12 noon and leave at 12.30. Walking through the village we pass Holy Trinity church and go left into Bascote Road. Just past the river bridge there is a stile on the right which gives access to a riverside walk. At the next bridge we go left along the lane, under the old railway and out into countryside. We are walking a proper old lane here, with a verge wide enough to drive a herd of cattle or sheep and provide plenty of grazing along the way.

After about a mile we turn right onto the access road to Snowford Barn. Passing the house we come to a field path and turn right again. This path crosses the old railway, which is being converted to a greenway. Next we cross a footbridge over the River Leam and go through woodland, before following the field edges past White farm and back to Long Itchington. Here we take a path between the housing to emerge on the village street again, opposite Bascote Road. From here we pass the Co-op store and it is just a few yards to return to the HARVESTER.



Meet at the NURSERY, Lord Street


Meet at the DISTILLERY


Meet at the WINDMILL, then on to RAGLAN, then the LAWFORD ARMS, Long Lawford

Meets for these walk are always 12 noon for a 12.30 start. Copies of the walks are available at Beer Gonzo, Earlsdon.

SUNDAY LUNCH WALKS - in conjunction with the Health Development Service of Coventry City Council.

These walks all start at 12 noon. Copies of these walks can be obtained from Beer Gonzo in Earlsdon, or for more details contact moc.liamg@ttekculfg>

SUNDAY LUNCH WALK 107 Sunday 10th April

THE AVENUE 4 miles

We have a pleasant short walk this month alongside Kenilworth Road. We meet at 12 noon at the CITY ARMS in Earlsdon and set off at 12.30 along Earlsdon Avenue South, passing the water fountain to reach the junction with Kenilworth Road. Here we turn right into the avenue of trees. These were planted during the Napoleonic War, although I don’t know whether they were planted to commemorate a specific victory, or what. Either way, Stivichale Common was grazing at that time, with just a few scattered trees, so the avenue would have been an outstanding feature. After Coventry’s commons were converted into public parks in the 1920’s the undergrowth was allowed to swamp the avenue. It has only become apparent again in recent years as Ray Wilson and his team have reduced the undergrowth and tree cover.

When we come to the end of Stivichale Common we use the pedestrian crossing to get to the other side of the road. Then we continue along Kenilworth Road to Coat of Arms Bridge Road. Here we join the avenue on the eastern side of the road. On this side the common has not been cleared by Ray, so it is difficult to spot the avenue for trees!

Now we follow the avenue to the end and enter the Memorial Park. Another avenue of trees runs through the park, but this dates from after the establishment of the park in 1923. We can now stop for a coffee at the park cafe, if it has been finished after refurbishment by then!

Next we cross Kenilworth Road again by another crossing and follow the avenues in Top Green, these also being again more recent than the original ones.

At Spencer Road we go left and left again into Davenport Road. Then right at Kenilworth Road we come to a small piece of Stivichale Common, which we cross to return to Earlsdon Avenue South and the CITY ARMS.

SUNDAY LUNCH WALK 109 Sunday 5th June

THE NOOK 3 miles

This month we have a pleasant walk through the leafy suburbs of Bedworth. We meet at the PLOUGH on Smorrall Land at 12 noon for a 12.30 start. From the Plough we walk towards Bedworth for a few yards. When we reach Anderton Road a path starts opposite which takes us past allotments and housing to a second road. Here we go right as far as a grassed area, where a path starts on the left. This takes us through housing and we follow Daisy Croft, Clover Way and Buttercup Way.

The next path takes us over Orchard Close and another road and we come to a bridge over the old railway that served Newdigate Colliery. After this, more suburban roads lead us to ‘The Nook’. This is a lake created by mining subsidence, with an odd name and an odd linear island running through the centre. The island was the footpath to the old colliery. As the land sunk the path was built up, eventually forming this island. Why the miners didn’t want to walk round the water I can’t say.

From The Nook we follow roads back to Smorrall Lane. Here we come to a second lake caused by subsidence, Sidings Pool. We walk round this and follow the old railway back to the bridge. From here we retrace our steps to the PLOUGH.


Sunday July 3rd The New Park

Meet at the Broomfield

These walks all start at 12 noon. Copies of these walks can be obtained from Beer Gonzo in Earlsdon, or for more details contact moc.liamg@ttekculfg